Exclusive products of Mec Kiln dryer & authorized distribution

The Air Pressure System for damper control



- The Air Pressure System for damper allows for energy saving by limiting the air entry through the vents according to a reading of air pressure in the dry kiln. The savings can be around 10-15% depending on the season.

- This system can be installed on any system.






Authorized distribution of these products

Actuators & valves Belimo




Belimo actuators are commonly used in the world of wood kilns. These actuators allow valves control for heating, of evacuation shutters and of the humidification at a very competitive price.



Capacitive wireless MC reading system for Woods

The innovative KilnScout system provides the industry’s leading wireless in-kiln moisture control system for batch and continuous kilns. Using capacitive measurement technology, KilnScout allows your operation to control the drying process from direct moisture content input. This eliminates the costly feedback loop from the planer mill and unreliable time-based drying schedules. The result is improved grade recovery, increased throughput and a significant impact on your bottom line.