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The mission of Mec dry Kiln Inc.

The mission of Mec Dry Kiln Inc. is to put its expertise to serve its clients in all areas that pertains to wood. (hardwood, soft wood, sawmills, furniture and floors manufacturers). Its ability to innovate in the design, manufacturing, installation and repair of kilns for drying wood, the torrefaction makes Séchoir Mec a leader in the field of the wood.

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Our History

"MEC Dry Kiln" was founded in 1990 under the name of "M.E.C Technologie inc." and its principal sector of activities were the design and the installation of wood burning boilers. The company was also working as a consultant for steam heating systems for industries such as "Green-Houses", "Paper Mills" and "Wood Mills".

In 1992, "M.E.C. Technologie inc." develops a new sector of activities by putting on the market a kiln dryer of its own design. These kiln dryers were completely made of aluminum and stainless steel and they rapidly took a good place on the market by obtaining important contracts such as :
- "Scierie des Outardes" in Baie-Comeau (10 kiln dryers and 2 boilers over 4 years);
- "Domtar inc." in Ste-Marie de Beauce, (2 kiln dryers and 1 boiler);
- "Stone-Consolidated" (2 kiln dryers and 2 boilers on three different plants);
- "Plancher Heritage" in Kedgwick, New-Brunswick (2 kiln dryers);
- and many more.

"M.E.C Technologie inc." will have a rapid growth over a small number of years and will also be named best young enterprise for its region in these years.

In 1994, "M.E.C. Technologie inc." adjusts itself to the demands of their clients and puts on the market 2 new models of kiln dryers.

The first one is a Cross-Shaft high-temperature kiln dryer effective for soft woods as well as a Direct fire kiln dryer.

The Cross-Shaft kiln will respond to the needs of soft woods mills by reducing the duration of drying schedules, and in the same manner, increasing considerably the quantity of wood dried in a year. These kilns are sturdy, easy to do maintenance on and they are very efficient.

The Direct fire kilns will reach a wider range of customers as well as satisfying the needs of soft wood mills, they will respond perfectly to the needs of hard wood producers. At a low cost of installation and being less energy consuming, they will respond to the needs of any mill or hard wood transformation industry that does not possess a thermal central such as a boiler room.

They have a very simple design and require almost no maintenance.

In 1995, "M.E.C. Technologie inc." innovates and creates a new wood moisture content measuring system. The"Weight Scale Wood Drying" system is a first in the industry and it becomes popular very quickly. It gives the kiln operators a great saving of time in the preparation of the kiln while increasing a lot the sampling for drying control purpose.

In 1996, a great wind of change hits "M.E.C. Technologie inc." and the "MEC Dry Kiln" division is created. That division will take in charge all the new kiln dryer projects.

As well as these changes,
"MEC Dry Kiln" starts to conceive its new drying control program called "V.I.P.".

That new program is 100% compatible with "Windows 3.11", "Windows 98" and "Windows NT". This new program is very "user friendly" and gives great possibilities for data acquisition for all the drying process duration.

In 1999, Mec acquire Servigaz/Freco in Bernieres,PQ. With this acquisition, Mec built and sold boiler, this produst is closely related to dry kiln.

The year 2000 was a year of change for MEC, we had done a joint venture with Tolivic inc, who was is major subcontractor and have moved on its office. That joint venture made MEC the only canadian company to conceive, build and sold dry kilns and boilers. This is a big advantage for the customers, because they do business with only one supplier.

For 2001,
"MEC Dry Kiln" still wishes to stay ahead dry kiln innovations and projects to put on the market a new "Weight Scale Drying System" usable in hard wood kilns and also, a new maintenance program that will be adapted to the "V.I.P." program.

In 2008, "MEC Dry Kiln inc." has invested heavily in its manufacturing facility by acquiring a new high-definition plasma, a Conventional lathe, and a milling machine to improve the quality of its products and to diversify its subcontractors.

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