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hard wood dry kilns

"MEC Kiln Dryer inc." manufactures hard wood dry kilns that have a solid design and are easy maintenance. Entirely made of aluminum and stainless steel, their life duration are longer than most kilns on the market and they will offer you great efficiency and superior pay-back value.

The capacity range of our hard wood kiln is between 20,000 FBM and 100,000 FBM per kiln and are all front loading type. Two access doors (one in the front and the other in the back of each kiln) are included and a walkway near the fans is supplied so all maintenance will be done more easily.

Many types of heating systems are available for all of our hard wood kilns. Depending on the energy resources available for each customer, our kilns can be supplied with coil heating (steam or hot water) or with a gaz operated direct fire heating system.

The air exhaust chimneys on top of the hard wood kilns are all natural type and their opening or closing is controlled by Bélimo actuators and Mec vents systems, another "MEC Kiln Dryer inc." exclusivity.

The ventilating fans inside the kilns are aluminum built and offer an adjustable pitch on the blades in order to obtain just the right air flow inside the kiln. Even more, the fans casings are built-in the structural trusses insuring great solidity of the installation.

Like all our dry kilns, our hard wood kilns are controlled by computer and automats working in the interface-operator mode, insuring flexibility and superior efficiency to all our installations. 

The operation of the kilns is computer controlled and work under the Interface-Operator mode. More informations on our control system are available on the control software page.

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Soft wood dry kiln - conventional

For all the industries operating in the soft wood market, a dry kiln represents a major asset to obtain added value. Our soft wood dry kiln is the ideal tool to obtain great results.

Like all our dry kilns, rough soft wood kilns are aluminum and stainless steel built and offer great resistance to humidity and corrosion.

Our soft wood kiln's capacities range from 40,000 FBM to 300,000 FBM and are all rail loading type.  For small capacity of dry kiln click here Small soft wood dry kiln

In order to make maintenance need easier, our soft wood kilns are supplied with one access door at each end and a walkway on the fan deck.

Multiple heating systems are available for our soft wood kilns and their selection will depend on energy resources of the customer. For example, if the customer already owns a steam or hot water boiler, heating coils will be installed in the kilns. If a boiler is not available and buying a new one is not an option then, our direct-fire system is the perfect solution.

The temperature range for soft wood kilns will vary between 180°F and 195°F, depending on the drying schedule and the species of wood you need to dry.

The ventilating fans inside soft wood kilns are installed between the trusses and are aluminum built. The blade pitch is adjustable in order to obtain perfect air flow and speed.
The operation of the kilns is computer controlled and work under the Interface-Operator mode. More informations on our control system are available on the control software page.

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Soft wood dry kiln - High Performance

Aknowledging the needs of our clients, MEC dry kilns has innovated, in 2000, by developping an high performance dry kiln for soft woods.

Entirely built of stainless steel and aluminum, this type of kiln has the same basic caracteristics as our other models but has a pick roof that allows us to install 6 feet diametre fans. These fans give us the possibility of higher air flow (cfm) and speeds while keeping good uniformity.

The kilns will be divided in 2 or 4 zones, in order to control independently in each zone, heat, humidity and air handling. Each zone is equiped with one (1) wet bulb and two (2) dry bulb temperature probes as well as wood moisture probes. These probes are connected to a PLC wich transfers all the data to a computer in order to visualize these datas. 

The operation of the kilns is computer controlled and work under the Interface-Operator mode. More informations on our control system are available on the control software page.

For more informations on peek roof kilns or any other of our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Small soft wood dry kiln

The capacity of the small dry kiln varies from 3000 FBM to 6000 FBM and its type is frontal loading. The inside of the dryer is conceived in stainless steel and aluminum.
Several heating systems are available. According to the source of energy, coils with hot water, glycol, steam or electric will be installed. These coils are necessary to allow the control of the ambient temperature.

Ventilators provide good ventilation through the packages of wood. Shutters and humidifying valves ensure proper regulation of the humidity of the ambient air.
The temperature range of operation can vary from 120°F to 160°F according to the type of wood to dry and the rigor of the schedule used. An automated control system allows its regulation.
Maintenance cost is low thank to a simple and rational construction.
The operation of the kilns is computer controlled and work under the Interface-Operator mode. More informations on our control system are available on the control software page.

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Dry kiln - Others

In addition to our conventional dry kiln, MEC dry kiln distance oneself from the competition by these products;

Séchoir à poutrelle permettant l'activation de la colle du bois jointé

- Beam Kiln Dryer

Étuve de traitement permet de changer la coloration du bois àl'état vert

- Steam Oven

Chambre de traitement permet le traitement de différent type de bois, selon leurs utilisations, exemple : poteau de téléphone

- Heat Trea
tment room

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Dry Kiln - Renovation

Since 1992, MEC kiln dryer has completed over 50 projects for major renovations. Thanks to its professional team.

MEC kiln dryer has projects like key-in-hand.MEC kiln dryer has preventive maintenance programs and also of major changes to the facilities already in place such as large door, seal for door, mechanism for evacuation more efficient. The programs aim to increase performance and efficiency of the dryer units.

We have teams with mobile units to perform maintenance, repair, reconditioning and emergency work after major breakdowns or accidents. Before taking the decision to permanently abandon your drying complex, a thorough analysis of the status of your facility should be made by a team of expert MEC kiln dryer.

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Parts for dry kiln

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Temperature sensor

The reading of the dry and wet wood temperature and outside temperature is taken with RTD Pt-100 3 drivers Class A type sensors. This kind of probe allows precision at 0.06% what allows a better precision for dry kiln application. This kind of probes is standard in CANADA & US with a very goog availability. The cable used between the probes and the junction box will be covered up with silicone and resistant to a temperature of 200ºC (392ºF). Two (2) dry temperature sensors and one (1) wet temperature sensor will be installed by drying zone and/or by kiln according to the case. On request, it will be possible to have two (2) wet temperature sensors by zone of kiln and/or by kiln according to case.

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High temperature cable

The regular cable used inside the dry kiln is covered up with silicone and resistant to a temperature of 200°C (392°F). These cables are used for the wet bulb probe, for motors.... Some cables are sheated to protect from injuries and to give a more durable lasting. We got rubber seals for all of our wood dryer, some are used for the front doors, some are used for the main doors, MEC dry kiln always has a huge rubber seals inventory.

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Rubber Sealing

The rubbers allow a good sealing of the dry kilns. Some are used for sealing of the access doors, the big doors...  MEC dry kiln has a good inventory.

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Actuators & valves Belimo

Belimo actuators are commonly used in the world of wood kilns. These actuators allow valves control for heating, of evacuation shutters and of the humidification at a very competitive price.

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Heating coils

Many types of heating systems are available for dry kiln installations. The most common heating systems in North America right now are the coil heated systems and we, at "MEC Kiln Dryer inc.", are able to supply superior quality coils.

The principles of coil systems consist of a hot fluid circulating inside a heat exchanger , or coil, and releasing its energy through the tubes of the coil to the air running between them.

The most commonly used heating fluids are:

- High pressure steam (16 PSIG or more);
- Low pressure steam (15 PSIG or less);
- Hot water (between 180°F and 210°F);
- Thermal oil (more then 400°F).

At "MEC Kiln Dryer inc.", our coils, which can use all of the above mentionned fluids, are made of stainless steel tubes and aluminum fins. Both these materials combined together, will offer a more than interesting heat transfer while having great corrosion resistance.

The flow of the heating media is controlled by modulating valves with a 4-20mA signal coming from the PLC. A return signal confirming the real opening percentage of the valve is an option also available. By using this type of control system, we can obtain great energy saving by continuously adjusting the operating parameters

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Motor & fan

The motors used for fan in dry kilns are UL and CSA approved, they operate in an environment where the ambient temperature reaches 120°C/248°F.
- High efficiency uni-body cast iron construction for superior strength
- Extra strength bearing retainer cap for additional mechanical strength and durability
- Up to 20% more iron in stator than competitive motors for better heat dissipation
- Epoxy-based primer and heat-resistant enamel paint (260°C) (500°F)
- Complete silicone protection on all components for additional rust and mold resistance
- Stainless steel grease fittings on each end bell:
- Double-steeped in a class"H" non-hygroscopic varnish
- All motors have a High-Temp Viton seal (200°C) (392°F) on drive end
- Lap winding for better heat distribution and dissipation
- Up to 3 to 5% more copper on average

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MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System from Wagner

The MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System enables the kiln operator to monitor the moisture content of each charge and develop consistent drying time schedules for improved kiln performance and reduced operating costs. The MC4000 will cut costs due to degrade and overdrying and improve grade recovery to help increase the bottom line.

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Used Parts

Mec Dry Kiln has a good inventory of Plc products from Omron, Aromat, Panasonic, Koyo manufacturers, and even components of our competitors.  Others parts are availaible.  Contact us for costs and availability.

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